Baptism is a very important event. It is about being part of the Church family, understanding what the Christian faith is about, and entering into that relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We are here to encourage and support one another in that. Regular church attendance is therefore an important part of that process, and at Rainham Parish & Wennington Parish Church, we invite those wishing to be baptised (whether children or adults) to join us on Sunday mornings for our service so they can get a feel of who we are. Baptisms themselves take place during a Sunday morning service.

It is important that parents and godparents understand the commitment and promises they will make on behalf of their child, but also take the opportunity themselves to grow in relationship with Jesus. If you would like to be baptised, or have your child baptised, please contact the Parish Office who will give you a Baptism Application Form for you to complete, and pass your contact details onto Shirley, our Churchwarden in charge of Baptisms. Shirley will be in touch after you have returned the form to invite you to a short course explaining what Baptism is about and why it’s so important.

Naming And Blessing

Alternatively, if parents find they are not able to make the commitment at this time, we can offer a naming & blessing of the child as a starting point that can move onto, or lead into a fuller commitment to Baptism itself. A naming & blessing is not a Baptism, it involves the minister simply praying a blessing over the child, and as such it does not involve godparents.


Our fee for the issue of a Baptism Certificate is £13. A record of the occasion is provided by the gift from the Church of two Baptism cards showing the names of all concerned, and a Baptism candle. Extra Baptism Cards may be ordered for godparents and grandparents at a cost of £2.50 each.

There is no charge for a naming & blessing.