Weekly Teaching

July 2017 Teaching: The Fruit of the Vine

It has often been said that the church is not an organisation but an organism. It grows organically not institutionally, because it is rooted in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, empowered by His Holy Spirit. Jesus describes that relationship through the picture of the Vine and its branches. It is not just a picture but a symbol which has its roots in the Old Testament where God describes Israel as the Vine planted in God’s vineyard in order to bear fruit that would bless the nations. Jesus then takes on that description as Himself. He is the Vine, the Israel called to fulfil God’s purpose for reconciliation with humanity. We are described as branches on this Vine and therefore part of that continuing mission of God, not for Him but through Him. This month we will explore what that means for us today planted here in this community; called to be fruit bearers; called to impact this place with His Kingdom – His vineyard. His desire is to fill His church with His glory and fill this community with His church.

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