Weekly Teaching

November 2017 Teaching: Taking Stock

As we draw closer to the time of Advent in December leading into our Christmas season, we are focussing our attention on our response to His calling in these end times as we await Jesus’ return. Fact: He is coming back. But what state will He find us in when He returns? The hope of glory (Colossians 1:27) that is in you is to be released to all, that all may experience the love of God and His reconciling act of redemption through the sacrifice of Jesus. But sharing our faith is just part of what it means to “take stock”. How prepared are you for Jesus’ return?
How reflective and active is His Spirit in you? What path are you walking and how is it changing you? Are you fearful or excited about His return? Why? Jesus very much touches on these issues in the Gospel readings this month. Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians also emphasises that Christ’s return is certain and that the suddenness of His coming will not surprise prepared Christians for whom our faith (past) in Christ’s redemptive work, our hope (future) of eternal joy, and our love (present) in the outworking of our relationship with Him are manifested.

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